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Vision and Mission Statements

The mission of the Department of Psychology is to achieve excellence in the teaching of undergraduate and graduate students, the generation of new knowledge through research and scholarship, and the provision of service to the university, local region, state, nation, and international communities.

The specific mission of the undergraduate program in Psychology is to provide students with an understanding of a) the mental structures and processes that underlie individual human experience and behavior, b) the scientific methodologies by which such a knowledge base is acquired, c) the critical thinking skills and skeptical inquiry necessary to evaluate scientific and popular claims concerning behavior, and d) the application of scientific psychological principles to personal and social issues. For a subgroup of our undergraduate majors (particularly those intending to continue into graduate study), we also seek to provide in-depth research apprenticeships in our faculty’s laboratories.

The specific mission of each of our graduate program areas is to educate and train students for careers in scientific psychological research, with the outcome being graduates who will produce and apply scientific knowledge in their research, teaching, and (for those who pursue careers in applied clinical psychology) in their clinical work.

The major goals of our Department are:
  1. to provide excellent education in the basics of psychology to our undergraduates.
  2. to train and prepare our graduate students for careers in scientific psychology and scientifically-based professional practice.
  3. to carry out these educational goals in the context of a research-oriented department founded on the principles of scholarly excellence, interdisciplinary collaboration, and wide-ranging service.

The Department of Psychology offers undergraduate degree programs leading to a BA or BS and graduate programs leading to a Ph.D. Teaching and research are integrated throughout, and undergraduate students as well as graduate students have the opportunity to gain hands-on research experience in a laboratory. Our undergraduate major, one of the largest at the university, includes training in research methods and statistical analyses and involves exposure to two broad content domains: 1) Cognition and Neural Systems, and 2) Individual and Social Processes. Our graduate program includes concentrations in clinical, cognition and neural systems, evolutionary psychology and social.

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